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You have come to the right place for your web page design.
We specialize in developing tasteful and simple personal and small business web pages.

  • We focus on first impressions and catching people's attention when they first view your site.  That entices them to stay and see what you have to offer.

  • Clear communication and ease of navigation keep people at your site and make it user-friendly.  That's why we make those a high priority.

  • We are aware that color, design, and graphics make people feel comfortable "visiting" you. 

  • We are attentive to proper grammar and spelling because they exhibit professionalism and seriousness on your part.

  • We will be able to provide you with hints and techniques for marketing your web site.

  • Your desires are what is important.  If we feel your needs are outside our area of expertise we will not hesitate to tell you because we want you to have the web site that fulfills your dreams.

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Do you already have a web site that isn't quite what you want?  We will be glad to critique it for you.  If you need something special then just ask.  Maybe we can help!

We can also modify your own photographs with color correction, adding text, removing backgrounds, and more.  We have provided samples for you.

We can take photographs for you if you are not far from Riverside, CA.  Most of the photos at our client's site, Guns and Garters, were taken by Kay's Heavenly Web Design.

Of course you will want to check out our prices and services.  I'm sure you will want to take a look at our client list, too.   If you like what you see then let's talk about your dreams of having your own web pages.  You want your own web pages and we love creating them.  It's a match made in Heaven!

Are you still not sure if you need a web site?
Here are some ideas for you to ponder.



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Background created from photo of clouds taken by Kay from Kay's Heavenly Web Design
Photo of San Bernardino Mountains also taken by Kay.