Client list

Here's a list of sites built by Kay's Heavenly Web Design.
All of these were created from scratch, including the backgrounds.

Certain basic rules were followed:
~ ease of navigation ~
~ making the opening index page explain the site content ~
~ making them pleasing to the senses ~
~ making the theme compliment the content ~

NOTE:  If the schedules and other listings at these sites are not up to date it is only because the client has not provided the information.  In most instances all updates and additional information is uploaded within 24 hours.


The Riverside County Record News

This is a local community newspaper.  Their logo was given a 3-dimensional look.  The background was created using a section of one of their newspapers.


Guns and Garters

We were given carte blanche on the design and content of the Guns and Garters web site.  Since they based their clothing, accessories, and performances on trying to duplicate what was used and done between 1870 and 1890 graphics were carefully chosen that would represent that era.

The "rootin' tootin' lingo" such as "Sum of these here pictures have big uns" was selected to create an atmosphere befitting what they were all about.

Kay took most of the pictures that are at that site and created most of the graphics and animated photos.


Santa Ana River Desperados

The wooden background was created using a photo of a wooden fence.  This site was created for a team that wanted the same type of website as Guns and Garters, above.  We gave them what they wanted  and were able to make their site unique and different.


The Alarm TeamAlarm Team

The Alarm Team logo was scanned off their business card, enlarged, and cleaned up.  The keypad shown on their site was scanned off of a brochure and modified to show a customized message, "System Armed" and a date.

We worked with this client to create a business site that emphasized that they were a more desirable company than the larger alarm companies as they offer the same security level and add a personal touch.


Clarion Call

The Clarion Call is Kay's own web ministry site. It began back in 1997 as a weekly Bible study and has grown into a huge site with over 600 pages.

Over the years she has been replacing the original backgrounds that she had gotten from free providers with her own designs so that most of the graphics now there are created by Kay.

With the huge number of pages she had to create two methods of navigation, a topical menu and a site map. 



All graphics and content property of Kay's Heavenly Web Design.
(Backgrounds created from photo of clouds taken by Kay from Kay's Heavenly Web Design)