Who Needs a Web Site?
Businesses who are competing against any businesses with web sites,
booster clubs, PTA's, and other similar groups,
sports teams from youth to professional,
people holding a reunion,
people hosting Christmas bazaars,
anyone with a schedule that others need to view,
anyone selling something,
families who don't live close to each other,

Why Have a Web Site?
If you still aren't sure whether or not you need a web site then here are some ideas.

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  • If your business is online then people can get information about you and your business 24 hours a day.

  • Customers can get maps to your location and find out your hours in order to come visit you.

  • The customers can buy your products while you are sleeping if your web site is set up with a shopping cart.

  • The cost of a web site is cheaper than hiring another employee and it doesn't require health insurance and vacations.

  • Your email will be to your personal domain name.  For example:

  • No matter who your internet provider is, your email address will not change as long as you own your own domain name.

  • You can email your customers about new products or services and it won't cost you postage.

  • The space you rent from your web host can be used as a place to back up your files.

  • The questions that are being answered by your web site will mean less time spent on phone calls.

  • You will get more business than your competitor who doesn't have a web site.

  • If you've ever had anyone ask if you had a web site that is a good reason to have one.

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  • You know you want to communicate something or you wouldn't be considering having a web site.

  • It is a way to stay in touch with friends and family without much effort on your part.

  • If you get your own web host you will have an unchangeable email address.  You may even be able to provide email addresses for your family and friends.

  • The space you are renting on a server can be used as a place to back up or store your files, pictures, documents, etc.

  • You could have a family reunion site where family members can get information, you could post your Christmas newsletter online for family and friends to read, or you could put pictures of your new baby online for everyone to see.

  • It's fun.



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