Hello!  My name is Kay Meyerett.  I'm the owner of Kay's Heavenly Web Design.  I started doing my own web pages in 1997.  Using a freeware web page program, I learned the html codes from scratch (those are the codes behind the scenes that tell your web browser how the page should look).  I made mistakes and learned from them.  When I see a page that I don't like or a page or feature that I like a lot I discover why and save that information to use when creating pages myself.


I graduated to the FrontPage web publishing program and was then able to do much more than I could do on my own.  I took a college class to learn more about FrontPage and received a certificate.  Since Microsoft discontinued FrontPage I now use the Microsoft Expression Web program.


My web ministry site, Clarion Call, grew to over 600 pages.  I learned a lot about organization and navigation in a hard lesson.  I had to redo hundreds of my own pages to make my site less complex.  I also began replacing graphics that I had gotten from free sites with those I made myself to avoid any copyright infringement.


I am a photographer and use many of the pictures I take to create graphics and backgrounds for my own pages and for my clients' pages.  If you want a particular picture then perhaps I can take it for you or, better yet, I might already have one.


I have the Paint Shop Pro graphics program and am able to make many kinds of textured backgrounds such as the one that frames this text area.  I am self-taught on that graphics program as well.  I am always learning more techniques that will help me to help you.  Fortunately I have the basic talent needed to create graphics:  I have an eye for color and design.


Another talent I have will come into play when I design your web pages.  I can look forward and anticipate your needs and the needs of the visitors that come to your web site.  I become an active participant in helping with the content that is available at your web site and make suggestions for things to have there that will enhance your visitors' time browsing your site.


I have taken a class on marketing business on the Internet so that I can assist my clients in maximizing their potential from their little space on the web.


I decided to take what I love doing and create a business out of it.

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Fortunately for you AND for me my son, Joel, has agreed to be our technical person.  He's the one that I turn to whenever something goes wrong.  He has one of those great brains that can understand anything technical.  If he doesn't know the answer he soon will.


Joel has multiple talents and experience.  He has designed web pages using Dreamweaver and can create documents using Adobe Acrobat Professional.  He also creates scripts (automation of data entry) using visual basic.


Joel has an AAS in Electrical Engineering and has also been in computer retail sales.  He was an MIS Director for a major distributor of a world-renowned product.  He is proficient in many programs and has done database designing and report writing as well as procedural flow-charting for his employer.  He's one of those types of employees that companies love because he doesn't just know his own job, he can help everyone else with theirs as well.  We are fortunate to have his assistance!
We also have Sue, a fantastic photographer.  (Here's some samples of her work.)  You just let us know what kind of picture you need and between Sue and me we will probably be able to come up with it.
As you can see, you are in good hands and we are prepared to turn your dreams of having your own web site into reality!



All graphics and content property of Kay's Heavenly Web Design.
(Backgrounds created from photo of clouds taken by Kay from Kay's Heavenly Web Design)y