Have a construction company?  Like tools?
Musical Template
Musical Template
This template was used for an actual high school band.  With customization it could be used for any type of musical group.
Elegant Black Template
Wolf Running
The background would be a suitable backdrop for displaying photos.  It makes a nice setting for any business that would benefit from a tasteful, dark background.
Christmas Template
This background could be used for a Christmas Boutique or for a Christmas picture page for a family website.
Football Field Template
Grass and field markings are perfect for a football booster club or team page.
Animal Template
A paw print background makes a good backdrop for animal-themed pages.
Patriotic Theme


Lots of examples of things that can be done in a patriotic vein.
Samples of various backgrounds.
Quail Photo Template
Qual template
Example of how a photo can be turned into a background.
Victorian Template


Using period-correct graphics, this site would be excellent for a late 1800's feminine-style use.
Horse Template
This template can be used for anything that a horse-lover wants.
Lots of Ideas
The web site we did:
Clarion Call
has a lot of pages that were specifically created to enhance the page's content.
Be sure to look at the web sites that we have done for others on our Clients page.

Need photos?  We have an extensive collection of photos we've taken ourselves and, if we don't have what you need, we may be available to get it for you.
Sample photo
There are lots of interesting effects that can be done with pictures.  Click on the roses for examples.
3D Flowers
Not sure what design or colors you want?  Look at these backgrounds and see if they give you any ideas. 
Background samples
Also take a look at the different things that can be done with tables and textures.
Table samples
Mouseover effects are evident when people run their mouse over words or pictures.
Check these out:
Image This has two graphics that switch with each other when you mouseover.
ABOUT US The color changes on mouseover.
Flag This, too, has two graphics that switch with each other on mouseover.  It can be set to stay on the second picture or go back to the first when the mouse is removed.

These are the basic fonts that are on most  computers.  If someone viewing your website doesn't have the font that your page directs then their browser will select a default font, usually Times New Roman for Netscape and Firefox browsers and Arial for Internet Explorer.

Do you have a special font you want to display?  Let's talk.  We might be able to make it happen.




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