Description of Services

Included in Basic Plan
  • Pages
    • Three web pages (each 800 words or less)
    • Keyword and description meta tags to help your site be indexed by search engines
    • Clear and simple navigational menu(s) on every page
    • Uploading to the web server
  • Layout
    • The focus will be on creating a great first impression for web site visitors
    • Pages will include easy to find and easy to understand navigation
    • Pages will be designed in 1024 by 768 monitor resolution
    • Pages checked in current versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers*
  • Graphics
    •  Dividers, buttons, and backgrounds to showcase subject matter
    • Custom-made title/logo created from scratch or using client's artwork
    • Pictures will have alternate text added
    • Graphics provided by client with no alterations needed are included in the basic price
    • You will receive a favicon (the tiny picture that shows up on the browser tab)
  • Publicity for website
    • Up to one hour of search engine submissions, webring submissions, and/or link exchange requests to those that allow free additions**
  • Attention to detail and personal touch
    • We try to create a special atmosphere for your web site based on your purpose in having web pages.  All graphics, terminology, and layouts will be carefully chosen to create a theme that enhances your message you are presenting at your site
    • All pages will be spell checked
    • Fonts will be made large enough and backgrounds for fonts will be carefully selected to aid in ease of reading
    • Client's wishes will be followed

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Included in One-Page Plan
  • Same as basic plan with the following differences:
    • One page (800 words or less)
    • No navigational features
    • One-half hour of search engine submissions

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Extra Services Not Included in
Basic and One-Page Plans
  • Additional pages and/or site maintenance
    • Hourly fees*** will apply after the Basic Plan is complete
  • Critique of existing site
    • Hourly fees will apply
    • Should you subsequently hire us to re-create your site then the critiquing fee will be waived
  • Photos and graphics
    • Hourly fees will apply to graphics/photos needing alteration
    • If you need special graphics hourly fees will apply to internet search (note:  if free graphics cannot be found then you may need to purchase graphics)
    • If subject matter you want can be photographed by a member of the Heavenly Web Design team you will be quoted a price prior to photo being taken
  • Questions answered regarding how to create your own web pages or how to maintain them once they are created
    • Hourly fees will apply for instruction
  • Special effects and extra options (hourly fees or extra charges will apply)
    • Mouseover effects (see samples)
    • Animated graphics (see samples)
    • Forms and guestbooks
    • Calendars
    • Domain name registration
    • Obtaining web hosting
    • Taking pictures  (hourly fees will apply)
    • Modifying graphics and photos  (hourly fees will apply)

*   Any problems found later caused by older versions of browsers will be fixed at the hourly rate.

**This resulted in one client getting to the top 10 in Google and Yahoo in five weeks.  However, this is not a guarantee.

*** Hourly fees are charged by the hour with a five-minute minimum.  A stop watch is used to calculate how many minutes a task takes and the client is only charged for actual five-minute increments spent.



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